Massage Therapy in Seabrook for 30 years

For over 20 years, my office was next to Seabrook Classic Cafe, but I’ve moved a short distance from that location.

What is offered?

What most of my clients are looking for is a medium/firm massage—working deeply enough so they can feel it, but not so hard as to cause them to tense up and resist the pressure. Not to say some of my clients don’t ask for very light or extra deep work. When you come in, just let me know what you want, and during the massage, don’t hesitate to communicate if you need more or less pressure than what I’m giving. This is your massage and you should get what feels right for you. My continuing education has included classes in sports, pregnancy massage, and trigger point therapy.

Do you need an appointment?

Yes. Please call or text and include at least your first name with your message.

What forms of payment do you accept?





What Covid-19 protocols do you have in place?

Please see the Covid-19 button at the top of the page before making an appointment. Thank you!

How often is massage recommended?

I have clients who treat themselves a few times a year and regulars with weekly or monthly standing appointments. Every other week works well for many people. But it’s up to you. I don’t ask you to book another appointment or try to set you up on a schedule.

Who gets massages and why…

One of the aspects of my job that I love is that I get to know interesting and varied people. Young and old, blue collar and executive, sedentary and active, all have stress and fatigue in the body. I work on eighty-year-old grandmothers and high school athletes, but most of my clients fall into the middle age category—busy, working, taking care of kids, trying to stay healthy. One of my longstanding clients refers to her regular massage as her “maintenance program,” and along with diet and exercise, massage complements a proactive program for wellness.